Welcome to my professional portfolio.  On this site you will find my biography, resume, student section introduction, current classes and assignments, discussion forum, iPad in the classroom page, professional development projects, and links to valuable professional sites.  To put you in the (w)right state of mind to peruse my blog please view the following videos of inspiration.


I am interested in finding ways to improve student learning.  In the preceding video Sr. Ken Robinson offers a very interesting perspective concerning the important relationship between education and creativity.  I believe this type of thinking can inspire limitless success in education.  It is also clear to me that technology, an interest of mine, can play a vital role in cultivating student creativity.


My belief in God and the moral message of the Roman Catholic faith is the foundation for the way in which I teach.  I am passionate about fostering within my students an understanding of empathy, kindness, humility, and charity.  I achieve this by providing both extrinsic and introspective learning opportunities concerning faith.  The following is a meditative video that assists me in looking within to find peace and happiness.


My life is consumed by sport.  After completing high school I played division I golf at Idaho State University and later played 5 years for the University of Regina men’s basketball team.  I currently hold a number of statistical records with the University of Regina and I have made 5 Saskatchewan provincial golf teams.  Remaining motivated in basketball and golf sometimes requires a little push.  Please view the video.


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