Communication Media 10

Welcome Students!

This course is an introduction to important knowledge, and skills and required in the creation of audio, video, and multimedia projects. Students will be exposed to inquiry while developing understanding, skills, and abilities in audio, video and interactive media production to communicate effectively.


Introduction Assignments

1. CM 10 Course Manual

2. CM Introduction

3. Copyright

5. iPad Video Creation

iPad Video Project

storyboard Template

5.5. Careers


6. Hallway Pass (An introduction to Photoshop)


Module #1- Graphic Design and Website Creation


Dreamweaver site tutorials Assignment #1


Module #2- Graphic Art

Assign #1- Photoshop Introduction or CM 10- Photoshop Tutorials

Assign #2- Product Ad

Assign#3-Digital Scavenger+Hunt

Assign #4- Tshirt design

Assign#5- Poster Creation

Module #3- Storyboarding

Movie Treatments and Camera Angles

Storyboarding Assignment #1

Storyboard Assignment #2

Example: story board simpsons episode bye bye nerdy


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