Communication Media 30

Welcome students! In this course you will have the opportunity to utilize all aspects of video, audio and multimedia to create an extensive project using Final Cut Pro or iMovie.  All images and recordings will need to be copyright free for this project so further study of GarageBand and other music creating software may be accessed.  Your Photoshop skills will regularly be on display as you will complete 10 Photoshop Challenges.  Finally you will be required to complete an in-depth study on multimedia career choices available in Regina.



1. Course Outline (Sept 4)

2. Copyright Assignment

3. Storyboarding and The History of Video Game Development (Sept 5 & 6)

4. iPad Video Creation (Sept 9-12)

5. Hallway Pass (introduction to Photoshop)


Photoshop Challenges

CM 30- Photoshop Challenge #1-5

CM 30 Photoshop 6-10

Major Project

CM 30 Major Film Project


CM 30 Porfolio Assignment


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