iPad In The Classroom

This section highlights useful iPad applications for classroom use as well as useful resources for iPad integration.  Click on picture links for more information.


1. Dropbox

Seeing that there is no USB port on the iPad, Dropbox is an essential application for educators. Dropbox allows you to create an account so assignments can be transfered.  Community folders allow teachers to provide assignments in ePub or PDF formats which is accessible by all students and individual folders allow students to hand-in assignments.  Best part it’s FREE!

2. Keynote

Apple’s multimedia presentation program that is very user-friendly and visually appealing.  This program easily replaces PowerPoint however it is rather expensive at $9.99.

3. Prezi

A 3-dimensional zooming presentation program that blows away the slide format programs most commonly used today (i.e., PowerPoint and Keynote).  The shortfall of this app is that you can’t edit the Prezi on the iPad only view it.  Cost, Free!

4. Pages

Pages is a word processing program created by Apple.  It is useful when students are preparing written assignments or simple graphic art.  The shortcoming is that it costs $9.99.

5. VoiceThread

VoiceThread allows you to create collaborative multimedia projects.  Everyone who views a VoiceThread can leave comments or ask questions.  For presentations and assignments this application is very useful and it’s Free!

6. iAnnotate

iAnnotate is a very useful tool when lecturing students.  It allows you to create, modify, and annotate over existing PDF’s.  Students will find it valuable as they can make notes beside or over top of the PDF.  It is expensive, $9.99, but well worth it.

7. NoteShelf

An essential electronic notebook for students that allows them to write notes or type notes.  They can organize their classes by books, chapters, units, however you wish.  Cost $0.99.

8. AudioNote

AudioNote is an app that allows you to record lessons and take notes.  This is especially valuable during lectures.  It costs $4.99

9. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is an audio app that will automatically turn the spoken word into print.  This is very valuable for students who struggle with typing or language.  FREE!

10. Visualize

This application allows you to create beautiful posters and graphic art.  It is valuable for classes that want to create visual representations.  Its FREE!

iPad Resources

1. Organizing iPad Applications by Bloom’s Taxonomy

2. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

3. iPAd Applications Organized by Subject

4. Connecting Education and Technology


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