Online Education Assignments

Please click on the logo links to view the module assignment.

Module #2- T.I.M.

The following assignment evaluates the level of technology integration in my current educational practices.  The Technology Integration Matrix is the measurement tool used to establish a baseline.

Module #4- Prezi

Prezi is a 3-dimensional zooming presentation tool.  My presentation highlights the 9 mandatory curriculum outcomes for Communication Media 10 and creates assignments in which Prezi is employed as a vehicle to complete each outcome.

Module #5- VoiceThread

VoiceThread is an online software that allows you to create collaborative multimedia projects.  I created two tutorials using the online graphic art software Gimp.  The first tutorial teaches you how to create a cloud nebula and the second teaches you how to colorize certain items in a black and white picture.

Module #6- Jing

A Jing is a screen capture software that allows you to video whatever you are doing on screen.  For my Jing I created a Flash tutorial of a bouncing ball motion tween.

Module #8- WebQuest


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