Professional Resources and Links

Follow the links for assistance in education:

(more links and resources found in the iPad section)


1. Educational Origami

2. Web 2.0 Is The Future

3. Webquests

4. Wequest Designs

5. Brainbased Learning

6. Technology Tool Directory


1. Bloom’s Taxonomy

2. Digital Taxonomy

3. Boomers and GenXers

4. Technology Integration Matrix

5. Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts

6. Authentic Activities and Online Learning 

7. Narrative Research Prezi


1.  Times Are A Changing in Education

2. Web 4.0

3. 21st Century Pedagogy

4. Rethinking Education

5. TED- A Great Teacher

6. TED- Multiple Intelligences

7. Sr. Ken Robinson

8. RSAnimate– Changing Paradigims

9. Rethinking Education

10. 7 Student Skills of the Future

11. Webquests

Useful Online Software

1. Prezi– 3D Presentations

2. VoiceThread– Collaborative Presentations

3. Jing– Screen Capture

4. Gimp– Graphic Art Software

5. PosterMyWall– Graphic Art Software

6. Twitter– Communication Software

7. FlickR– Photo Sharing

8. SlideShare– Powerpoint Online Viewer



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