Social Studies 10

Social Studies 10 Overview

Unit 1 – Political Decision Making
Decision making is a fundamental aspect of people’s lives.  The objective of this unit is to introduce students to the way democracies organize themselves to make and carry out decisions for society.                               
Unit 2 – Ideology and the Decision Making Process                                                      
Decision making involves a process of deciding what is important and worthwhile.  Ideologies provide frames of reference that people use in making judgements about what should or should not be done.  Students will examine the ideologies of conservatism, liberalism, and socialism in their role in the political process.
Unit 3 – Economic Decision Making                                                         
Students are introduced to the problem of scarcity.  They will examine how individuals and societies make decisions about using scarce resources in ways which will create a high standard of living for members of society.
Unit 4 – International Economic Organizations                            
Nations, rich or poor, large or small, if they wish to have a high standard of living, must trade with other nations.  Students will examine the concept of international trade and how it affects the economic well being of Canadians.
 Unit 5 – International Political Organizations
Nation states are determined to protect their security from threats within and outside of the state.  Students will study the concepts of balance of power and collective security to appreciate problems involved in both protecting national sovereignty and living in an increasingly interdependent world.

Course Outline

Social Studies 10 Course Outline

Assignment #1- Perspectives (Sept 4)


Assignment #2- Introduction to Social Sciences (Sept 4-6)

We Didn’t start

Assignment #3 Social Studies Review


Assignment #4- Virtual Binder


Tutorial #1


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